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Who, What, Wear, 2015

Who, What, Wear named the D&D team one of 3 top designers to watch in 2016!

"Boyfriend and girlfriend Molly and Desmond set up the London-based brand Desmond & Dempsey because she kept borrowing his PJs and it was time to get her her own pair! (A girl after our own heart). After endless searches, they couldn’t find a suitable option that was both chic, ultra wearable and affordable, so, spotting a gap in the market, the entrepreneurial duo set up shop. With early press in Vogue and a covetable range now available in Fortum & Masons, this is the ultimate label for kooky but oh-so-cool long nightshirts, zero-effort sexy shirt and shorts sets and classic PJs. Set the snooze button now."

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