Frequently Asked Questions
Surprise. Delight. Impress. Whether it is a treat for yourself, or a gift for something special, our D&D’s promise to bring a little luxury to the morning.
Our little team have pulled together to put together the best advice we each have to make sure you find the perfect pair of D&Ds for your loved one. 
Here, Molly (The Dempsey bit) answers some of your FAQs.
How do your D&D’s fit? Loose Goosey or Tighty righty?
Our D&D’s fit just like your boyfriends shirt. They don’t hug anywhere too tightly, but they don’t let everything hang out. They are sexy without being strappy and in your face. Our sizes are pretty true to traditional sizing, but if you like your things super tight go down a size and a little bit roomier go up one. 
I am a pretty standard UK size 8. The smalls fit me perfectly. A little loose around the tum and bum and then tailored everywhere else. 
Do you need to wear a bra with your D&D’s?
Nope, and proud to say so. There is one exception which is our cream as it is slightly sheer.  Our D&D’s have been designed so you can roam around letting your girls hang out!
I have a Beyonce booty but itsy bits up the top, what size should I choose?
Let’s say you are a large on the bottom , and a medium up the top, I would suggest going for the large. The top won’t appear too big, thanks to the way it is designed and it will mean the bottoms can hang rather then cling. 
I have melons up top but a little grape for a bottom, what size should I should I choose?
Choosing a size up will mean you're not restricted during the night, and our shorts and trousers have an elastic and drawstring waist so can be pulled in as you please.
Are the lighter D&D’s see through? 
Expect for the Cream which is slightly sheer, no. They all pass the Dad test. (The Dad test means I wear my D&D’s infront of both my dad and Joel’s dad without any awkwardness).