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Help for the boys

A little help from Desmond, on how to get it right first time. 
How do I pick her size?
Firstly, do your detective work. Have a quick look at her t-shirt and see what we’re working with. Yes, they have funny sizes but we have translated them all here for you. 
Our D&Ds are designed as “your shirt for her”. So, they are cut with a little roominess, meaning you really can’t go wrong. Its sexy without the straps. 
Molly goes through sizing a little more in the FAQ, BUT if all else fails, go the size up. Girls way prefer saying they need a smaller size and we offer exchange within 30 days!
Style - How do I know what style to pick?
We have kept things simple. We only have three shapes, so an easy choice between shirt + shorts, shirt + trousers, or a little dress.  Flip a coin if you are really stumped. 
The print is a little trickier. Here is the best way I can break it down for you. 
For the sun worshipper: Howie, Bocas or Deia
For the fashionista: Our Riccardo
If you want to play it safe: The Dempsey
For something sexier: The cream classic
How quickly can these be delivered?
We offer next day delivery for any orders before lunch time. If you are desperate, send us a note and we will do an absolute best to help out. We’ve all been in those ‘trickier’ moments.
How do the arrive? Do you offer gift wrapping?
Our D&D’s come awesomely packaged as standard. Let's face it, most of us aren't great at wrapping - you're welcome. 
How do I know these will get me in the good books?
Our PJ’s been in Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Stylist and lots more of her magazines.