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Help for the new Mums

For the New Mums, by Joanna ( Our Product Manager and Mum to 18 month old Eloise )
For Mum’s, Dad’s, Grandma’s, Godmothers, Uncles and Best friends, here is the three B guide to helping find the right pair of D&D’s. 
BUMP: As soon as the bump comes, the excitement starts. From my experience you will be able to wear any style of your D&D’s for the first 6 - 7 months because of the roominess of the shirt and the elastic waist band. When it gets to month 8 switch over the Tunic. A looser and longer fit, the tunic will comfortably cover your bump, but unlike most things at this stage, they will be able to worn after...
BOOB: Thank god for buttons. All D&Dss are button down, making breast feeding at least a little easier! The cut of the top also means that your D&D’s will fit whilst you are feeding, as well as when your little one is onto the bottle.
BABY: I have been working closely with Molly and Joel on the fit of our D&D’s, making slight improvements each season. We have kept the sexiness of the boyfriend shirt but made a few little adjustments for the practicalities of being mum. The button has moved every so slightly up, so when Grandma and Grandpa are over, you can bend over to pick up the toys with your friend in the other arm too. On top of that, the cotton voile we have used and the printing techniques we use, means our D&D’s can be thrown in the wash, meaning no extra hassles of dry cleaning.