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Sundays in Vienna

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Being one of Europe's culturally and architecturally richest cities, Vienna has got a certain magic to it that left us awestruck: With its vibrant mix of traditional cafés (that offer the most delicious pastries and sweets), stylish bars, laid-back hipster-hangouts, galleries, and museums, Austria's capital city is definitely worth a visit.

Lucky us, we got shown around by a local: vegan food-blogger Melina from Here she shows us how to spend the perfect Sunday in Vienna. 

Any brunch recommendations for Vienna?

Tian Bistro at Spittelberg or Joma on Hoher Markt are my favorites at the moment, both offer excellent vegan options.

So, we have indulged on Vienna’s best brunch - what’s up next?

A short walk through the 7th district with some window shopping and stopping by my favorite ice cream parlor Veganista

What are your favourite (hidden) spots in Vienna?

I love the bike trail along the "Wien Kanal". Not a lot of people seem to know how pretty it is down there. Also "Himmelhofwiese" in the 13th district is amazing - a huge meadow located on a little hill that offers a spectacular view over the city.

If Vienna had a slogan - what would it be? 

Maybe "grumpy is charming"?

It’s raining and staying in bed sounds like the most tempting option to spend a Sunday afternoon, plus pretty much everything is closed on Sundays in Vienna - what exciting things are there to do?  

Go to the tropical Butterfly House at Burggarten right in the heart of Vienna - it's always summer in there!

What’s the best way to round off a typical Sunday in Vienna? 

For me, it’s usually take-out and a movie, but in summer I love to sit down at the Danube Canal for some drinks. One of my favourite go-to places for a sundowner is Tel Aviv Beach - they serve amazing oriental food, plus always play some good tunes.


Some last thoughts from Melina:

Get inspired by Melina's super-delicious recipes and head on over to

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