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Waking Up in Croatia

Last week, the D&D gang was lucky enough to jet off to Croatia for a few days of bliss. I (D&D intern and Joely's sister) went a few days earlier to see Dubrovnik Old Town and was later joined by the whole gang in Cavtat. D&D has become a little bit of a family venture so you'll find us all looking for inspiration wherever we go. Croatia was full of it and we have some exciting things coming your way. For now, here's a list of our top places to visit in the Dubrovnik area.x

Island Hopping

Top Tip- make sure that you don't hop aboard a crowded boat trip for the day. Chip in for a little speed boat and be ya own captain. 

  • Lokrum Island: The Island opens around 10.30am and it's worth a trip but if you get there early you might be lucky enough to have the Islands 'dead sea' all to yourself for a little bit. 
  • Lopud Island: GO TO SUNJ BEACH. The water is shallow for around 50 metres so we discovered that it's the perfect place for the ultimate game of shoulder wars. Apparently there's a nudist section of the beach too- just saying.


If you went to visit Dubrovnik you might not ever think to make the 20 minute bus ride to Cavtat, but trust me it's worth it! Dubrovnik is beautiful but it can get super busy, and ain't no one got time for sweaty bodies everywhere.

  • Morning Dip: If you walk around past the sun beds of Hotel Cavtat and carry on down the path, you'll find untouched rocks to call your own for the day. We found this is the nicest way to have a swim in the early hours. But, be warned, there are sea urchins lurking everywhere. My toe will never be the same again. 
  • Beach Bar: Follow the path around the other side of the harbour, past the strip of restaurants and walk for around 10 minutes, you'll find a beautiful little beach bar. The perfect place to watch the sunset with a cheeky glass of Champagne.


Food Please

A summer holiday is not complete until you eat your body weight in bread. We found it hard to know the good places to eat in the Old Town as there's so much choice, but these ended up being our special picks. 

  • Lady Pi Pi: It seemed to be one of the most sought after places around. There's beautiful views of the Old Town and the food is amazing. Get there early or be prepared to que as they don't do reservations. 
  • Konavoski Dvori: A little place up in the hills, about a 20 minute drive outside of Cavtat. There's a yummy set menu of traditional meat and fish. Amazing setting right on the river (watch out for the mozzies!). 

Cavtat and Dubrovnik were beautiful and I think we're all hoping to get back sometime soon! If nothing else, it was nice to be able to strip Molly, Joel and Christian away from D&D for a few days. It doesn't happen often! x