A year ago we launched our little online shop Desmond & Dempsey. I will never forget setting our website live and texting all of our friends and family that we were NOW LIVE. We literally sat watching the laptop waiting for the orders to come pouring in. First came Joely's mum, then mine, and then a couple of aunties and then .... (zip for that first week).  Luckily, things did pick up and now we see orders coming in from all over the world.

When Joely, Christian and I first decided that we would like to create a pyjama brand, we had one mission. We wanted to make mornings better. We were obsessed with the idea that, how you wake up sets the tone for the rest of your day. We wanted to find a way to savour the morning a little more and make you feel excited and good about starting the day. We wanted to make pyjamas that when you looked in the mirror first thing you thought was... helllooooo you... rather then oh no. The thing is we had no clue how to actually make a pair of pyjamas. Let alone a pair that had these sorts of magical powers. 

Well, we have learnt A LOT. Really a lot, and have so many people to thank. We still have the same mission and are getting better and better at the old pyjama game. We have been on a whirlwind adventure so far and are beyond dizzy (in a good way) for all the upcoming happenings. We have a new spanky office which we share with Mitch (who is the man behind actually getting a pair of D&D's made). We also welcome a new member of our gang, Joannna, who is the first outside of either of the families. Joanna is whipping Joel and I into shape with her gannt charts and organisation. We may be a little in love with her ... 

We have lots more news but trying desperately to hold my tongue and not jinx anything.... Stay tuned and thank you so much for your support so far. It truly means the world us. 

x Desmond & Dempsey ( Joel and Molly)