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Spending Sunday with Mum

New Mums. Old Mums. Cuddly Mums. Stylish Mums. It’s one day to celebrate your Mum, so make her feel extra special this Sunday. 
Originally sent to our siblings as options for our own Mum’s here is our list of what to do for Mum this mothers day. 
1. Surprise Her - Genuinely surprise her. Do something out of the ordinary that shows her just how much you love her. When she tells you not to worry about coming down from London, turn up on her doorsteps with coffee and newspapers in hand.
2. Handle Dinner - Make the reservation or buy the ingredients, just don’t ask for help.  It is the one day when she shouldn’t be asked if butter will do the same job as margarine. 
3. Take her to the Circus - Who doesn’t love the Circus and Cirque du Soleil have a new show on named Amaluna. 
4. Treat her to brunch at Fortnum & Mason - 45 Jermyn St. is now open mixing old school glamour with contemporary London to offer a delightful and delicious dining experience. A morning starting with butternut waffles and finishing with a walk around the second floor of the shops (where you will find D&D). 
5. Find her favourites Movies on Netflix, bulk buy the popcorn and spend the afternoon watching movies in your D&Ds together. 
x Enjoy