El Bali Print Cuban Shirt


100% Cotton

Made in Portugal from premium cotton voile, our Cuban pyjama shirt's laid-back fit is ideal for Sunday mornings. In the El Bali print, our fish is nod to the finer details found hidden on Moroccan artefacts.

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El Bali Print Cuban Shirt

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Mens Cuban Shirt

Pick up Line
Street-cool 60's styling.
Need to Know
The breezy tailoring and boxy shape make it perfect for sunny Sunday afternoons.

With laid-back tailoring in premium cotton voile the Cuban shirt is a Sunday afternoon essential. Its street-cool style also lets you can wear it from the bedroom to the beach.

Material Benefits, Why Cotton Is Best In Bed


Cotton allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t trap heat under the covers. Research proves a better night sleep.


Unlike oil-based fabrics which retain odors, cotton is breathable, meaning sweeter smells and fewer washes. Less time with the washing machine is and means saving water and energy.


Once we're in bed with you, we're there for good baby. Cotton is strong and tough, and not afraid to get dirty. You can rely on it to last.


Cotton can not hold any electric charge, so there’s no chance of any stage 5 behaviour.


There is no stretch in cotton, so our pyjamas will keep their shape while getting softer with age.

The Jardin Collection, Behind the Scenes Video

Le Jardin Collection, Campaign Polaroids

Le Jardin Collection, Watch the video

Le Jardin Collection, On location

Our Artwork, The Story Behind the Design

"Her Magic Dazzled Me" Yves Saint Laurent. The opening of the YSL museum in Marrakech was what first prompted our intrigue for Morocco. Initially we were interested in Studio Ko, the architects behind the museum, but we quickly became drawn to the stories of Morocco in the 60s. Pierre Berge, Saint Laurent, Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones, the exotic dreams that inspired the world. 

It's only when we visited ourselves that we understood the magic of Morocco. A world of sweet-scented opposites: brightly painted cities, ripe vegetables, aged spices

littering the souk, motorbikes and donkeys fighting for right of way, contrasting with the tranquility of the riad, the stillness in the garden where the dappled sunlight creates an atmosphere of dreaming.

It is a world that ignites your imagination, intoxicates you with saturated colour and mesmerises through its scent. It's a world where you can almost breathe the beauty. The collection aims to capture the creative spirit of both the locals and the expats of Morocco.