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The Sunday Paper

Issue 8


Issue 8 is a celebration of the spaces we live and love in - an ode to a life well-lived at home. We will focus on the quiet, ordinary and oddly-shaped joys of home, and explore the idea of home as the stage on which our lives play out. How it anchors and revitalizes us. How it can be rambunctious and loud or gently restorative. The home as a source of inspiration and extension of oneself: a place to create (home studios!)  to gather (dinner parties!) and a place to simply be. We explore what makes a house a home (the way we arrange it, the things we keep in it -  a big table, stolen knick-knacks), and who makes a house a home (family, friends with spare keys, roommates), and how we make a home for ourselves. The idea is to inspire an appreciation of home, of slowing down, of celebrating everyday life - a reminder of all the reasons why staying in is wonderful.

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The Sunday Paper Issue 8