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The Flowers of Time


A great luxury is waking up with nowhere to be, with the freedom to be anywhere. With the freedom to pause.

Decorate The Downtime

Take refuge of the fast-paced. We welcome you to the oasis, a nurturing land full of escapades where time is your own shadow dancing around you. The pleasure starts before the holiday, folding your linens admiring the colour palette of your suitcase. Shopping for how something will float in the breeze. 

All we want to do is bask under the sun in our linens. What about you?

The Getaway

100% breathable linen


Made for afternoon lounging during your long weekends. Loose in the right places, cut with the right lines.

His and hers

Pyjamas fit for both

Hand painted intricately in London, inspired by world curiosities. Sunday uniforms for you, two.

To eat breakfast in a two piece pyjama set is one of life's great pleasures.

Sunday Kind
Of Love

We believe in the restorative power of downtime. That there’s great pleasure to be found in the slower hours. We design products and pyjamas that make the doing nothing feel like something. 

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