Why, hello! Hi. You’ve just scrolled through our latest collection – and we’re so very pleased that you did. It’s our Spring Summer one. A collection of prints inspired by India – its joyful chaos, its haphazard charm, and its wonky magic. Think less broken bicycle and more Wes Anderson. Think gilded palaces and wobbly towers of copper pans. Marigolds adrift on the Ganges, and air as sweet and steamy as a bubbling pot of chai. India taught us to loosen up a bit and go with the flow, to let happy accidents wash over you, and take pleasure in it all. These prints are our love letter to the place – hand-painted onto cotton that’s softer than a lotus petal.

You made it! Hurrah. And we’re thrilled that you did. It’s a pleasure to meet you. We’re Desmond & Dempsey. We make very good pyjamas and we love to do nothing on Sundays. Our love of Sundays is what inspired the brand, actually. Toast in bed and naps on the couch, of trysts and of tinkering. The day of doing nothing. Utterly nothing. And we pride ourselves on making pyjamas that make all that doing nothing feel like it’s something. But let’s talk PJs, shall we?