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An Ode To

There’s a universal warmth to Sunday. A softer mood, a gentler light, a slower groove, a glorious reward for a week well done. A day when only those closest to you are allowed in. A Sunday, and its many iterations, has always been sacred to us.

We founded D&D as an ode to the day. Our hope is to encourage more people to embrace time off, to retreat, rest and do whatever it is that brings them complete joy, all the while connecting with the places they call home, and people they feel closest to.

'If anyone does not have three minutes in his life to make an omelette, then life is not worth living.'

— Chef Raymond Blanc

Decorate The Downtime

We make pyjamas, and other things to lounge in. Sunday attire so to speak. Soft, decorated, tactile things to wrap ourselves in that sends a message to the brain that says ‘comfort’. We make them for the busy, not the sleepy. Our intention is to mark the pause and help you celebrate the ‘nothings’ in time. 

We could sing lyrics about the ‘whys’ behind our pyjamas, but a customer said it best ‘these pyjamas make me feel like I have my sh*t together

About The

Our studio is based in Brixton, London. We are Joel and Molly. Desmond & Dempsey were our grandfathers. Our brand has often reflected moments in our lives. Holidays have turned into collections, friends into the team, family into models, Joel’s shirt, my lack of appropriate pyjamas and a deep desire to be Sienna Miller painting walls in Alfie is actually how the first product came to be. We have never learnt boundaries between work and life, but over time have come to enjoy this about D&D. In inviting us into your home and those sacred hours of Sunday, we promise to do our best to return the same intimacy.

We are devoted to having a lovely time. To pursue the pleasure of leisure. So many of us have been fooled by the devil whose greatest trick has been convincing us that hard work is somehow godly. That putting friends, family and a good old jolly after a never-ending to-do list is the right order of things.

We are a generation of overachievers who have turned our breakfasts into content, our jogs into marathons, drinks into networking, relaxing into refueling. It seems that at some point, maybe when our hobbies became our side hustles, we forgot to just have hobbies at all.