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Free Monogramming

We offer free monogramming for all. Initials, emblazoned across a pocket. A practical, no nonsense luxury. Whether you’re buying for yourself, your crew, your mate, your man, your mother, if a bigger power move exists, we’re yet to hear of it.


A Personal Touch

We can personalise D&Ds by embroidering initials onto pockets. Just click 'add monogram' for a little preview.

Initial Questions?

We didn't know or care who we were prior to owning monogrammed pyjamas. We think your life will be changed too. Any questions before getting stitched?

How many letters can I choose?

Up to three.

What colours can I pick from?

Blend in or stand out. Choose from black, dark green, navy blue, light pink, red or cream.

How long does monogramming take?

3-5 days. As each piece is individually embroidered, we can't guarantee next day delivery for monogram orders.

Where does the monogram go?

It goes on the pocket for both mens and womens. The monogram preview on the website isn’t exactly how it will look as the pattern placement may be different on the product - something to keep in mind when choosing a colour!

How do I select monogramming?

On the product page, select size, click 'add a monogram for free', enter your letters, tick the box, then click 'add this monogram'. That's it.

What if it's not the right fit?

We are sorry but monogrammed items are non-returnable so double check sizing before you commit to personalisation.

How is it done?

It is done through our personalisation service which uses an embroidery machine to stitch the letters to your pyjama pocket.

What products can I monogram?

You can monogram most of our PJs that have a pocket, plus the bag containing our silk eye masks too. If you select a gift bundle, we'll just monogram the pocket of the PJs within it.

"We love them so much and highly recommend. The free monogramming is an extra special touch, particularly if you're gifting them to someone special."

Meggie R