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The Pleasure Of Leisure

Laila Gohar

Wearing cami and boxy wide leg trouser in Medina

Harro Kennedy and Poppy Lissiman

“For a few years I was deep into growing basil.”

Daniel Emilio Soares

“I’ve been lucky enough to have a wood burning fireplace in every apartment I’ve lived in. It’s really my only requirement. It’s so comforting, it smells incredible—the perfect place to unwind.”

Chris Bramble

“Sunday is a day off to do the domestics. I will cook a big meal and then read a good book. Then listen to Reggae music whilst doing the ironing and dishes. Dub, especially”

Francisco Trepa

“I’m most inspired in my studio. When I am practising every day. When I stop, my inspiration goes down. I don’t believe in divine inspiration or romanticism. I believe in daily work. That’s what inspires me.”

Laetitia Rouget

Wearing long set in Tellus

Rosanna Bach

Wearing short sleeve set in Sol

Angelica Hicks

“I really like chromium oxide green – a more recent discovery. It’s kind of a subtle green, not immediately reminiscent of a cartoon frog.”

Helen McCusker

"I paint mostly using my imagination and so have got to fill the well, when I find myself uninspired I usually realise I’ve been on my phone too much. I love people watching, female artists, and nature too."

Teresa Lutteroth

"We love the spontaneous dancing that seems to constantly happen during breakfast, whether it is Vigù dancing to “lambada” or Gabriele teaching her a waltz. I love to cook “huevos rancheros” while watching my favourite dance show."

Clara Diez

"Cheese came to me by chance, it wasn’t a meditated decision."

Laurence Leenaert

Wearing robe in Modernist

Romy Elliot

‘I love autumn, I feel more alive when the temperature drops”

Arpana Rayamajhi

“I sing, I play the guitar, I’m now acting and I love it. I also love ping pong and mimicking accents, dialects and languages. Oh, and dancing.”


“I love my things. So many things. But it’s probably my map of the world I cherish most, which I bought when my girls asked me very sweetly if Africa was in South America.”

Jo Cox

“I can confidently cook two things: eggs - any sort of eggs, mind you. I never met an egg I didn’t like. And pasta with jarred sauce.”

Giada Mariani

Wearing navy signature set in Jag

Freya Bramble Carter

“You never know what is around the corner. Stay open and ready, the best thing may happen to you really soon!”

Layla Andrews

“I like themes that are inclusive and can feel a bit silly. When I was younger some of my art was quite political. A different depth. In more recent times, I like paintings that make people feel something.”

Suzzan Atala

Wearing signature set in La Lotteria

Grillo Demo

Wearing signature set in Jamal

Gabriele Salini

Wearing kids long set in Safari and long set in Zocalo

Leila Bertrand

Wearing boxy shirt and trousers in Loxodonta

Clau Del Olmo

Wearing the boyfriend shirt

Louie Waller

Wearing long set in Jag navy

Portia Prince

Wearing cuban set in The Khan Market and kids long set in Howie

Ella Risbridger

Wearing long set in Jag cream

Kate and Lucan

Wearing towel robe in Jag purple and quilted robe in Byron

Githan Coopoo

Wearing pocket set in New Zealand

Joel Mucci

"My Dad taught me to appreciate bread— just by witnessing how he appreciated a fresh loaf. He grew up in Naples, Italy, and didn’t have much, so he really savoured simple things. When I was younger I asked him why he ate his ice cream so slowly and he just said, “what's the rush?”

Jeremy and Cath

Wearing long set in Medina and cuban set in Aloha

Carla Valdivia

Wearing cami and boxy trouser in Medina

Jordan and Nora

“It feels luxurious to have things that not everybody does, things that really do mean something to you.” 

Cara Piazza

“I am a good, old-fashioned New York City kid. My introduction to nature came from observing how weeds break through the concrete and how life seems to spring from the cracks in the cement.”

Marissa Ross

"My dream dinner party theme would be a Mid-century garden party. Think Slim Aarons meets Michael Correlone’s party on Lake Tahoe with the big band in The Godfather Part II."