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Collaborations are a great pleasure of our business. Magic happens when shared values and creativity collide. From Christian Dior to Gail’s Bakery to Casa Balandra and The Natural History Museum, we find the kind of collaborations that move us. The purpose is to always share values, champion comfort and celebrate creativity. To use our skills to change the discourse in an imaginative way.

8 Holland Street


A collaboration between two home lovers, dedicated to the Art of Lounging. It’s with great spontaneity that D&D’s Marque, Medina and Chango prints shelled a curated selection of chairs by 8 Holland Street. The playful colour palette of hand-painted curiousities meshes with unique finds of the 50's and 60's to create a whimsical spirit centred around the Home.

Casa Balandra


D&D’s print designer Anna went to spend a month at an Artist Residency at Casa Balandra in Mallorca, to exist among the palms and to paint. A photo of a girl by Guglielmo Profeti became a painting of a photo of a girl, became a pyjama of a print of a painting of a photo of a girl. It was then photographed back at the Casa by Guglielmo Profeti. A true circular collaboration.



An Indian collective with the mantra ‘everything goes back to the earth’. Together we created three limited edition pieces, naturally dyed and block printed onto fabric made by regenerative farming techniques. Sharing and teaching us different ways to nurture the earth, from farming to fashion.

Manawa Tapu


A collaboration with artist Manawa Tapu who is trained in Whakairo Rakau, traditional wood carving, and Ta Moko, traditional Maori tattooing. He created a piece from his home in New Zealand, called Waharua ‘two mouths’, and sent it to D&D in London to be translated onto pyjamas as part of the Great Indoors collection.

Natural History Museum


Dinosaurs on pyjamas. We could not resist. A colourful set of prints inspired by vintage dino depictions with a deeper message - to inspire a future set of planet advocates. We launched sustainably sourced corozo buttons and swing tags made from recycled cotton at the same time, with an debossed dino foot print stamp.

Rie Takeda


A collaboration with Neo-Japonism artist and master calligrapher Rie Takeda. Rie created a piece of calligraphy inspired by Edomoji, a style of seen in wood block prints from the Edo period depicting Samurai stories, which was embedded into Christian’s Samurai scene for a limited edition pyjama.

The Sujan Life


Partnering with The Sujan Life let us bring together our most loved campaign. Shot by Lucy Laught with Art Direction from Yarra Jones, we bought a collection of products to life in Rajasthan and Jaipur. In doing so, we learnt the value of care, of ‘hosting,’ and what it means to be a truly welcomed guest.



The invitation to collaborate with a global fashion powerhouse came to our inbox. In truth, we thought it was a hoax. A year later we proudly introduce our first collection of ‘resort wear’ with H&M. A surprising company to work with both in their intimacy and loyalty to their team. This collection was a great pleasure to create.

California Tourism


This collaboration was an exploration of ‘work vs. play’. We entitled it “The Californian Dream”. In road-tripping through California we were inspired by not only the great outdoors, but how the day-to-day lives of its inhabitants engaged with it. How the rhythms of the tide dedicated the hours of work. We wanted to capture the spirit of ‘dreaming’ and what it means to have a dream when you are young.



An apron and tea towel designed to celebrate the slow groove of a Sunday morning. A toast to the kind of bread that makes heartache better and hangovers bearable. Illustrations and hand-written notes on a theme of bread and Sunday mornings.

Jumbly Island


A commission literally made of day-dreams. A collaboration that saw us visit Jumby Island in Antigua and bring to life the sights, smells, and sounds of paradise. We believe the greatest luxury in life is time. Time to do nothing. Time to escape. Time to be still. We believe through this print, we bought to life a moment of that ‘still time’ for people to take home from their holidays.

Marrakeshi Life


20 minutes from Marrakech old town is an atelier dedicated to the heritage and practise of traditional weaving methods. We collaborated on 104 unisex robes after a visit and a conversation with Randall on marrying comfort and beauty.