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About us

We grew up on opposite sides of the world, one in the UK one in Australia, met in Canada and fell in love in Madrid. Then Skype was as exotic as it got. Until Molly came to London. With a lot of energy and very little nightwear. We went to buy her some proper pyjamas but our pyjama safari was fruitless.

So there was the idea. A pyjama company. We called it Desmond & Dempsey, after our grandfathers. 

So we make pyjamas. We began with women’s pyjamas. Now we make pyjamas for men and kids too, and other snazzy things for around the home like slippers, socks and fine robes. 
Our pyjamas are proper. You know? The sort of things that can make everyday pursuits feel a little bit deluxe. Hand-painted prints. Fine cotton. A tuxedo of leisure, if you will. 
Proper pyjamas are to leisure what butter is to toast; a way of turning something quite ordinary into something quite magical. And we’re all about the magic of ordinary things. 
Every collection begins with the prints. Each one is an artwork in its own right, inspired by life — a Mexican tale, a Spanish palm, the power of a Tiger — and painted in our London studio. They’re printed onto organic cotton, hand cut and sewn in Portugal.
We make a product we’re proud of. Really proud of. Fancy pyjamas for unfancy things. A uniform for celebrating life at home.