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Black Friday 2020

Hello Hello Hello,

We wanted to share with you our Black Friday plans this year. For everyone who is new to D&D - we’re not into discounting.

So this year once again - instead of a discount, we will donate 10% of our sales over Black Friday to charity.

Where will those donations go? We’ve thought long and hard about this. Let’s be honest - 2020 has been difficult, and there are so many organisations that need more help than ever. If we think about what our products can offer people, a sense of comfort and pride are feelings that often come to mind. Often, we’ve been humbled by the stories of how our fancy pyjamas have provided a sense of comfort at the hospital, or when unwell at home. Or how a matching two-piece pyjama set has helped people feel like they’ve really got it together when they’re going through a difficult time.

As we have in the past, we will continue to support Something to Look Forward to, which is a cause very close to our hearts. But, this year we wanted to extend this to two other organisations whose work has never been more crucial.

As with most people, we’ve felt the pain of not being able to spend time with family at a time when that’s probably all a lot of us want to do. Given the threat of coronavirus and the current restrictions, many older people are facing the prospect of Christmas even more isolated. In my previous job, one of our clients was Age UK, and always found the work that Age UK have done to address the loneliness epidemic amongst older people, nothing short of amazing. Perhaps this year, more than ever, this work needs to be supported.

However, for some, the requirement to stay at home is terrifying and dangerous, dramatically compounding domestic violence against women. According to a Panorama investigation, in the first seven weeks of the pandemic, police received a call every 30 seconds relating to domestic violence. With COVID-19 and the associated restrictions drastically escalating abuse and closing down routes to safety for many women, the front line services that organisations like Refuge are providing to help survivors of the many forms of abuse couldn’t be more crucial.

If you do decide to purchase from us, 10% of that sale be supporting a good cause. If though, you would prefer to simply donate directly to any of these organisations please do via the links below.

Something to Look Forward To

Age UK


Thank you,

Joel & Molly x