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Black Friday 2021

From Molly
Black Friday. My right shoulder is tutting consumerism. My left is googling washing machines. 
What I am saying is there is no judgment here. Black Friday is here and for many people, it’s a chance to spoil their loved ones. And while we are all for spoiling loved ones, like years before, we won’t be participating in Black Friday discounting this year.

Instead we will be donating 10% of our sales made on Friday 26th November to three charities.
At D&D, we have one vision statement and three values. A Celebration of Life at Home. Comfort. Creativity. Celebration. They’re at the core of everything we do, big or small, and radiate through the company. In different parts of the business they mean different things. When it comes to our product, comfort is physical. When it comes to our culture, it’s about feeling safe and backed to take risks. Creativity seems obvious in a printed pyjama kinda way, but we also see it in how our supply chain is set up and how the operations team negotiate our shipping fees. Celebration is about making nothing feel like something; our Thursday afternoon ‘All Hands’ meeting, the tone of our communications, and the music in our office.

We’re an ambitious company, don’t get me wrong. And the advice from all the experts is that Black Friday is a day to think commercially but no matter which way we position it, it just doesn’t feel right to us. 

So we will be passing on the good fortune of having you as a customer to a few hands that need a little comfort, creativity or celebration this year. In some ways, if you’re buying a pair of D&D’s next Friday you’ll be giving two gifts. 

Nelly, who I am very proud to say has been with D&D for 3 years now, who started off as a customer care temp and is now responsible for the relationships with our wholesalers, put together the list of charities she felt aligned to D&D. We couldn’t be more proud. Nelly presented the six-charity shortlist and we voted as a company. The team collectively decided on these three below. Should you wish to forgo the pyjamas entirely and just donate, we understand completely. 

If cash is a little strapped, and buying fancy pyjamas or donating aren’t quite possible right now, here’s a cookie recipe that will (hopefully!) bring comfort to your soul and celebration to your cup of tea. 

The three charities we're very happy to be supporting are Rosa, Brixton Finishing School and Age UK.

A charity set up to support and resource specialist women's and girls' organisations across the UK. Organisations that amplify and celebrate women's voices. They work alongside – to name just a few – the Refugee Women's Association, AVA (Against Violence and Abuse)  and London Black Women's Project .

A charity that find and develop 'underrepresented' groups and untapped talent.They run courses for young people from multi-cultural, gender diverse, neurodiverse and working-class backgrounds to help them get into the creative, media and tech industries.

 Age UK are dedicated to tackling loneliness in the elderly. Their mission is to bring warmth and friendship back into the lives of lonely older people. Last year volunteers made 10,000 hours of calls (416 days worth). We hope that our donation can help bring a little comfort.