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Black Friday 2022

From Joel.

It's Joel here, one of the founders of D&D. I'm writing to let you know that we won't be participating in Black Friday discounting. Instead, we will donate 10% of sales on 25th November to Age UK Lambeth. 

When I first sat down to write this, I attempted to tenuously link Black Friday and unwelcome wedding guests. Rosie, our Head of Marketing, politely explained that she “wasn't sure". Next, I considered a metaphor about portion control (something I do not seem to be getting better at). I briefly entertained a pretty gross reference to picking a scab. I even proposed a Haiku. Thankfully, Molly stepped in to remind me that I should say what I wanted to and forget all the other stuff. I can almost hear your sigh of relief.

Why did I feel this need to have a rant? I can’t pretend I’ve not had one eye open for a bargain on a new fridge. Perhaps as a brand owner I’m frustrated at whoever thought it was a good idea to turn the start of the holiday season into a discounting event. More than that, though, I think it is because, as a brand, we believe in the pleasure of leisure. The charm of something properly made, and built to last. We don’t believe that’s particularly consistent with the competitive discounting you see during Black Friday. For us, giving a thoughtful, beautifully wrapped gift is just as pleasurable as receiving one. We want that to be the feeling you have when you put the finishing touches to their card - excitement for your loved one to open it, because you know you’ve nailed it. 

So why Age UK? For Molly and I Christmas means a busy kitchen table filled with friends and family. The reality though, is that today there are around 1.2 million older people in the UK who feel lonely. So, throughout November, with the help of EARNT, Age UK Lambeth, and you, we have been delivering home-cooked meals to people experiencing isolation in our local area. The response has been overwhelming. We’ve been the lucky ones, delivering casseroles, lasagnes and salmon dishes all across Lambeth and spending time to chat and to hear fascinating stories of lives well lived. I hope we can continue this work, and that some of the money raised next Friday can add to that.

If fancy pyjamas aren't on your radar right now - we get it. Please don't feel like you have to buy anything to support - if you want to donate directly, or learn more about getting involved as a volunteer, we’ve included the relevant links below. 

x Joel, Molly & the team at D&D


You can donate directly to Age UK Lambeth here or head to Age UK to donate to the national charity or find your local Age UK. 

Find out more about local volunteering opportunities here. 

Find out more about the work D&D x EARNT & Age UK Lambeth are doing here.