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There are no shortcuts in creating long-lasting quality, and no priority greater than creating our products sustainably and considerately. 

We won’t claim to have figured it all out yet, but we are always learning! Here’s where we’re at currently:  

Our products are made in Portugal and India (with the exception of our silk range which is made in China). Three of our factories in Portugal run off 100% renewable energy, provided by solar panels.  

Our Cotton which is sourced in Pakistan and produced in Portugal and India and is GOTS certified: that’s the Global Organic Textile Standard. It’s a certification process that makes sure things are produced ethically, sustainably, and to the highest possible quality.  

Our Linen is all made from European Flax and produced in Portugal and India and our Silk range is sourced and made in China.

Our factories and mills are also Oeko-Tex certified, meaning that our fabrics are tested regularly and rigorously to ensure that there are no nasty chemicals present.  

All our factories provide kind working environments for their workers, including excellent healthcare, competitive pay, regular breaks and nice long holidays.  

On the recycling front, we use paper and cardboard packaging rather than plastics. The poly bags that the pyjamas initially arrive in are recycled and sent to Turkey where they are used in roof membranes. There will soon be no poly in the process at all. 

Our products arrive in reusable and recyclable boxes or envelopes, with paper stock sourced via the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). The same goes for our factories, who are all part of their local paper recycling program. Some even go above and beyond by recycling fabrics or dying them and selling them on.  

Our KIDS range was the first step into using 100% Organic Cotton. Now all of our cotton pyjamas are organic. 

We are currently making the switch from mother of pearl buttons to natural Corozo ones, which are made from the seeds of the Tagua plant, instead of pearl oysters. We’re also investigating (fuelled by our epic collaboration with the Natural History Museum) swing tags made from recycled cotton. 

As we grow, sustainability remains a top top focus. Thank you for caring and being interested. We will update you as we go.