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Proper pyjamas, made to be worn

Where your products get made

Our pyjamas are made in Portugal and India, thanks to solid and long-lasting partnerships we've formed with factories we wholeheartedly trust and admire for their dedication to quality, sustainability, and hard work. They are part of our team, and we feel so lucky to have found people who genuinely care about the products they make and strive to improve them constantly.

We regularly audit all our factories, using Smeta and SedEx standards, to ensure that they consistently meet the highest benchmarks for labour standards, health and safety, environmental performance, and ethical practices.

Hand painted prints

How your products get made

Between the first prototype and the final pyjama landing in our warehouse lies an 18-month journey of design, development, and manufacturing involving a lot of fabric, patterns, pins, scissors and opinions. We then wear and test all of our samples ourselves to make sure we love them before anything is offered to you.

Our latest sustainability data shows that all of our cotton is now 100% organic (GOTS certified or simply organic fibres), and 99% of the rest of our fabrics also have a sustainability credential to their name. So, when you slip into your cosy pyjamas, you can rest easy knowing that they are not just comfortable, but also environmentally and socially responsible.

How to care for your D&Ds

D&Ds were made to get softer and comfier with every wash. They were made to last, but they're not invincible: they need proper TLC if you want them to keep you company in bed for the long run. As much as we want you to spend your entire day in them, inaction is advised! We are enthusiasts of the art of leisure, after all.

Here are some DOs and DON'Ts to extend the life of your dolce far niente.


Machine wash them, no warmer than 30c (but preferably on cold). Use a delicate setting and a gentle detergent (The Lab Co. is Molly's favourite).


Tumble Dry. For our linen pyjamas, a 30 minute quick tumble dry can keep the softness in the fabric, but more than that will result in creases. Skip the dryer completely for our cotton pieces as they may shrink and they'll come out very creased.


Air Dry. Shake your PJs out, pull them into shape, hang them on a hangar and let nature do it's thing. This way, they are ready to slip straight back into bed with you. If you want to go the extra mile, iron them on a low heat for that "I've really got it together" feeling.


Wear them for Yoga. Even a gentle yin yoga session. We know they are comfy, but swap them out for stretchy fabrics so you don't compromise the fabric & seams. Think of D&Ds as your in-active wear.


Unbutton them. It's much more seductive, and you'll avoid pulling on buttons when taking them off (or putting them back on). During vigorous activity; try to at least unbutton the first few buttons.

"Wonderful pjs! Beautiful packaging. I loved everything about the experience."