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The Sunday Paper

Issue 3

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Bringing you that slow Sunday feeling in a broadsheet. The Sunday Paper is a quarterly publication that runs alongside Desmond & Dempsey collections and celebrates all that’s good about our favourite day of the week. Whether you feel like spending all day in bed, in the park, or in the shed, The Sunday Paper encourages it all with recommendations, interviews and feature articles to make you laugh and feel inspired. 

Issue 3 was initially inspired by the literary and cinematic adventures of the French, escaping to the Riviera for love, lust, sun, and ennui. From there it grew to encompass the art of travel and the thrill of hitting the road. No matter your origin, and no matter your destination, it is the journey that counts. It’s an issue filled with romance, sensuality and the irresistible charm of a rule breaker, with a pinch of drama and playfulness.

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The Sunday Paper Issue 3

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